Winter Edition!

GIVING THANKS at ALL times and in ALL seasons is a blessing that families are able to share with one another. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, making this is the perfect time for you and your children to look at the blessings around you, appreciate them, celebrate them, and share them with others!


We are excited about a few opportunities that Ebert's is offering for the children who may get a chance to come out and visit these next few weekends. One of our favorite outreach ideas is the "Reindeer for Residents" coloring project that your kid's can mail to us or bring to our drop off spot in our new Field House greenhouse.  We will be making sure that they are received by Shorehaven, Heritage Homes, and Marquardt Village residents to hang up in their rooms. This is a wonderful way to help the residents know that they are being thought of, and that a child took the time to decorate a reindeer picture just for them!  We have several schools and various groups in the community which are already participating, and we can't wait for the recipients to be surprised!

Kid's Christmas Opportunities 2020

*Reindeer for Residents - GIVE BACK with our "Reindeer for Residents" project! Use one or both our pdf. reindeer coloring pages and bring them out to Ebert's. We will collect your kid's colorful pictures to add holiday cheer to area elderly care facilities as we distribute them before Christmas!  (You can mail them to us or drop them off in our Gift Shoppe)

*Grab & Go Christmas Tree Craft - Create an adorable Christmas tree craft at home! All you need is craft glue and we will supply you with a miniature terra cotta pot, green cutting (to become the tree), decorations, and everything else needed to make this fun craft.  Your child can give it to someone as a gift or keep it to decorate at home! $2.99 (while supplies last - located in our new Field House show case greenhouse - available on 11/21 and 11/22 ONLY)

*Letters to Santa - Color or write your own letter to Santa or use our Ebert's print out to drop a letter off for Santa in our special mailbox! (Located in our Gift Shoppe)

*Please have all the submissions in by Sunday, December 6th, 2020. You can find the attachments at the bottom of the page.


Don't let the thankfulness and sharing with others end after the holidays. Keep it going all year long! 

Here’s an idea: Gifts of Love.

Each week, as a family, decide which "gift of love" you will be carrying out.  You may enjoy it so much that maybe your family can take on two or three tasks each week adopting a routine, or deciding what is realistic a week at a time. For example, Surprise Sunday could be surprising an individual who needs uplifting, Together we Give Tuesday, could be donating to an outreach project, and Thankful Thursday could be simply sending a letter, text, or email to someone who your family is very thankful for and letting them know the reasons why. 

More ideas below....

Surprises. Bake cookies, soup, or a favorite recipe for someone. Make a craft for them. Send flowers or a small gift from the store or put a note or picture on their desk at work.  At home, surprise another family member by taking on a task that they normally do (take out the trash, help, with the dishes, etc.)

Outreach Ideas. Donate to local food pantries, church outreach groups, or animal shelters.


We will be sharing winter craft projects, pictures of Buddy and our new sweet kitties Todd and Copper, and Christmas /Winter Storytimes soon!  Keep checking for updates.

THANK YOU for your interest, support, and being such a special part of Ebert's Greenhouse Village!

We look forward to seeing all of you again soon!

All your friends here at Ebert's Greenhouse Village

Download Additional Information
  • LetterToSantaTemplate
    You can print this out for your child to write a letter to Santa and drop it off in Santa's mailbox at Ebert's Greenhouse Village
  • ReindeerForResidents1
    For more free coloring pages like this, check out
  • ReindeerForResidents2
    For more free coloring pages like this, check out
  • Spring Coloring Contest
    Every year Ebert's hosts a coloring contest for kids ages 2-10. Please stop by the Gift Shoppe to pick up a copy or print out the attached document and following the directions.
Todd and Copper asleep in the manger.

The Legend of Mistletoe