Sandy Hoffman

Sandy Hoffman

Merchandising Specialist

Sandy has a good sense of humor and can often be heard laughing as you approach a greenhouse where she is working. Her duties include helping guests, merchandising (hard goods and flowers), and container planting.

Whether using plants or paint brush, Sandy is exceptionally artistic. Her ability to meld any container with plants--by using a mixture of colors, textures, patterns, and sizes--create floral arrangements that make you and your friends say “Wow…that’s beautiful!” Her paintings used in the Storyhouse Theater every fall seem to come alive as you walk through and poignantly convey the emotions from the story. In addition, she designs and paints the murals, signs, and display pieces seen in the “Fieldhouse” and “Westbrook” greenhouses.

Sandy also facilitates many seminars and workshops. These include Container Planting Seminar in May and various Christmas/Holiday Workshops in December.

Her hobbies include painting, gardening, and spending time with her family--especially the grandbabies.