February, 2023

February 23 through April 12, Ixonia, WI

Earth Day Writing Challenge

This annual event is a wonderful way for teachers to encourage their students to think on a deeper level about how we should treat the earth, nature, and our environment.  It challenges them to relay their thoughts in poetry OR essay form. This writing challenge will be offered to 3rd and 4th-grade students.  With many opportunities beginning at the middle school level, we wish to encourage slightly younger students to use their creative thinking skills, enhance their thoughts on how to create a healthier tomorrow, and build their confidence- not only in their writing skills but in themselves and what they can accomplish.

April, 2023

April 14, Ixonia, WI

Opening Day

Opening day at Ebert’s Greenhouse Village is something we all look forward to! 

April 22, Watertown, WI

Watertown's 30th Annual Children's Fair - Watertown High School

Ebert's continues to be excited to participate in the Watertown Children's fair, being dedicated to this event since its beginning.

April 22 through April 23, Ixonia, WI

Earth Day Activities

Activities will include: Annual Earth Day Writing Challenge Contest for 3rd & 4th Grade students (due date Wednesday, April 12th/winners announced the following week)*

*Kid's Zone will host an earth day scavenger hunt and self-guided seed-planting activity throughout the hours we are open

May, 2023

May 4, Ixonia, WI

Container Planting Seminars

Join Sandy and the Crew for this fun, inspirational, and educational workshop.

May 13 through May 14, Ixonia, WI

Mother's Day Grab & Go: "Planting Cutest Containers for Mom"

Create a beutiful container for the Mom in your life!

May 27, Ixonia, WI

Herb and Veggie Planting Seminars

Time(s) and details to follow!

June, 2023

June 2, Ixonia, WI

Coloring Contest

Every year we look forward to seeing all the creativity and hard work of the kids who participate in this annual contest!

June 10, Ixonia, WI

House Plant Seminar

Whether you're a beginner or semi-pro, you'll enjoy this new seminar from Ebert's Greenhouse. Learn all about house plants from one of our experts! Time(s) and more details to follow.

June 24, Ixonia, WI

Red, White, and Blue Container Workshop

Celebrate Independence Day by making a red, white, and blue container! More details to follow.

August, 2023

August 3, Ixonia, WI

Ladies Night Out

Enjoy a night out in the beautiful Ixonia countryside! Indulge yourself in an evening of shopping, beautiful gardens, delicious food and beverages, and fun games.