March, 2022

March 1 through June 6, Ixonia, WI

Kid's Coloring Contest

Ongoing now through June 6th, children ages 2-10 years old will have the opportunity to use their creativity to decorate this year's 2022 spring coloring contest sheet featuring a flower theme! Turn in when you stop out or send in entries!

May, 2022

May 28, Ixonia, WI

IN-PERSON APPEARANCE: Rose Care 101 with Melinda Myers

Roses make great additions to the landscape. Selecting the right variety for your space and gardening style can ensure success with minimal care. Melinda will cover hardy, easy-care roses sure to add colorful blooms and rose hips for you, pollinators, and birds to enjoy.

Saturday, May 28, 11 am

June, 2022

June 18, Ixonia, WI

IN-PERSON APPEARANCE: The Wonderful World of Hydrangeas with Melinda Myers

So many choices and not enough space. Fortunately, there is a hydrangea for every garden and container. Melinda will help you find the best hydrangea for your growing conditions, landscape design, and growing goals. Plus, she’ll cover planting, ongoing care and pruning for each type of hydrangea.

 Saturday, June 18, begins at 11 am

September, 2022

September 24, Ixonia, WI

IN-PERSON APPEARANCE: Preparing Your Garden for Winter with Melinda Myers

You worked hard planting and tending your landscape throughout the summer. Make sure your plants are ready for our challenging winter ahead and ready for an eye-catching spring display. Melinda will discuss what plants to leave standing over winter for you, the pollinators, and birds to enjoy and those that need to be pruned now or next spring. Melinda will share tips on mulching to increase winter survival and proper lawn fertilization as well.

Saturday, September 24, begins at 11:00 am