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Buddy dreaming about spring!

Buddy dreaming about spring!

Kid's Korner

Planning for Spring!

Winter is a time to enjoy the snow and plan for spring.

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful families!  We hope that everyone is off to a terrific fresh start and dreaming of gardens and plans for spring...which before you know it, will be here!

A special thank you as we look back right before the New year to all of those precious kids and families who came out to celebrate Christmas at our Annual Open House and visit with Santa and his friends! The cards, notes, and pictures that you made for Landyn were much appreciated as we continue to keep him and the Zoellick family in our thoughts and prayers as he is fighting cancer. So much kindness was shown, and many cherished memories were made!

During these mid winter months, it is our wish that you and your children can find a moment to put some thought into spring and what kinds of indoor activities may prepare you and your little ones for when it comes time to be outside and Wisconsin garden season ready!  Did your garden grow well last year?  Should you try something new?  Maybe you want to try a raised bed, wheelbarrow garden, or play garden such as a sunflower house or bean pole teepee this year. Depending on their age, it would be fun to have your child or children research an idea and work together as a family to carry it out!

Here are a few of our ideas that you may have fun trying out inside and also while you are planning!  Buddy is getting set already, as he absolutely loves the great outdoors!

We will be back in March with our next edition of Kid's corner and updates on all of our Kid's events for the season!  In the meantime…Have fun planning!!!!


Renee Ebert and all of your friends at Ebert's

January/February craft idea and things to think about for spring:

Indoor Craft Planting Project-"Perfect Plant Pals"

What you'll need: 

  • Clear plastic containers, small terra cotta pots, yogurt cups, tin cans, or drinking glasses that you no longer use (any one of these will work)
  • Soil
  • Seeds such as: grass seeds (to grow hair for your pal) or herb seeds such as chives, basil, parsley, etc. (which can also be funky hair)
  • Your choice of the following: construction paper, googly eyes, stickers, buttons, hot glue or craft glue depending on the texture of the container you choose) or markers (any of these materials can be used to decorate the container to create a face)

What to do:  Pick a container or several containers for your perfect plant pal (or family of pals), and make a fun face or faces by using the materials listed above.  Fill you container with soil and plant the seeds of your choice to create the "hair" for your pal.  Herb hair is an extra edible bonus!  Place your plant pal by a sunny window sill and keep your container evenly moist.  When the plant has grown at least 3 inches you can give your pal a hair cut or a style for fun! 

Planning for outdoor "Play House Gardens"

The ideas are endless!  By planting sunflower seeds in a shape, you can create walls to a play house.  Put small chairs, a blanket, or other fun accessories inside the sunflower walls. Have fun bringing in treats, stuffed animals, board games, or a favorite story!

Follow this same concept for a "bean teepee" by planting bean seeds that will climb up a wooden or pole frame in the shape of a teepee or tri-pod.

Even planting a "Yard Stick Garden" (with flower or vegetable seeds), in the shape of the measurements of a yard stick (picture four yard sticks in a square connected), could be a section of a play garden. By placing a kid size tent next to the growing area and allowing a small portion for garden art to be displayed, it would become a creative play area in itself.  Bringing out an easel and paints could also add a fun way to combine nature and art further!!


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