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Buddy still dreaming about spring!

Buddy still dreaming about spring!

Kid's Korner

Planning for Spring!

Welcome to April....or is it? Just because the calendar says April, it doesn't necessarily mean warmer weather and the perfect spring. 

Hopefully by the end of this month we will be able to start thinking about actually getting out in the garden and planting in May!  However, until then, it can still be a very exciting time.  Plan on what your family can do together in the garden and celebrate Earth Day with a fun and meaningful project!  Ebert's is hosting an Earth Day nature scavenger hunt and bottle bug and miniature theme garden recycling projects, along with designing a t-shirt, our coloring contest, and our writing contest award presentation, all taking place the weekend of April 21st and 22nd.  We can't wait to see the kids for our garden projects again, and all of our quests come back as our opening day this month is on the 13th!  Buddy and T.J. are looking forward to visitors again too! Buddy also can't wait to see the outside tulips and daffodils start to bloom again very soon. In the meantime, he has been keeping an eye on all of the garden accents and flower art in the store, while dreaming of his outdoor photo shoots coming in the months ahead with all the flower colors that will be outside before you know it!

We really look forward to all of our upcoming weekends of children's events and spring tours so we can see your smiling faces again! Visit our events page for more details and....continue to THINK SPRING!!!!


Renee Ebert and all of your friends at Ebert's

Craft idea and things to think about for spring:

Especially with the cooler spring weather we are having so far, now is the time to plan a theme garden with your kid’s favorite theme.  This is so much fun because the ideas are endless, but all come together out of how creative you get.  Because it is a little hard to explain, I will give some examples of "themes" done in the past and how this can be achieved.  First, have your child pick their theme, which is most likely what they are into now.  Paw Patrol, a certain Disney movie, a sports team, fairy gardening, or favorite animals can be good examples.  An idea I will use is one that was carried out at Ebert's last year for one of our coloring contest winners. The theme our winner chose was a tie dye and emoji garden for her wagon.  Her prize was that she could pick a theme, come and plant and design it, and then take it home. (See our events link for details on your child having the chance to win a "wagon theme garden" for entering our coloring contest this year as well!)

1)To start your project, you must first decide where the theme garden will be grown.  Will it be in a container, in the ground, in the sun or shade?  The advantage to having a garden in a wagon is being able to move it easily from one spot to another to adjust how much sun or shade it needs.  2)Next, make sure the soil is properly prepped and drainage is in place for containers. 3)Then, pick out colors of plants and  plants with names and shapes to match the theme.  For the tie dye theme we chose an array of bright flowers that would match tie dye and emoji colors.  4) Now you can plant and decorate!  First place the plants in the general area of where you want them to go and place the details in the spot you choose.  Now you can make it happen! Plants should be planted first and then the details can be added second. It was fun printing out images on line of emojis to laminate and mount on popsicle sticks to place in the soil in the wagon.  It was also exciting to watch the thought process of where items and plants would be arranged and how ideas came about even as the work was in progress.  Other themes for wagon garden winners in the past have been construction zones, fairy gardens, a Black Hawk's Hockey garden and more.  The dollar store is a great place to find small items that can enhance the theme. You should also go on a nature hunt or look around at home to find sea shells, small plastic figurines, rocks, sticks, pinecones, sand, or any other items that could be used with the theme that your child has in mind.  We would love to have you send any pictures of your theme gardens so we can see new ideas and have your gardens help inspire others!  Use this link to share pictures! Good luck and have fun!

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