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Farmer Buddy!

Farmer Buddy!

Kid's Korner

It's July!

Welcome to July!  Schools are out for the summer and families are now looking forward to spending more time outdoors and in their gardens and yards!  Thank you to those who came to visit us in our Kid's Village gardens and create memories with your families on Mother's Day weekend and to celebrate Memorial Day!  The red, white, and blue garden pots you made were very special!  The messages on the flag papers you created for those who are serving presently overseas were so very  much appreciated!  Thank you for taking the time to send them encouragement as they sacrifice everyday to keep us all safe and help us to be able to enjoy our freedoms!

Ready to play farmer in our kid's barn is "Buddy!"  He dressed up for his June picture complete with a "play apron" on!  Buddy and T.J. thank you for making a garden pot with them for the TJ/Buddy garden weekend!  They sure enjoyed meeting those of you they were able to!

We look forward to planting wagons with the coloring contest winners in mid June!  We have had such creative themes in the past, with some of the winners creating a fairy garden wagon. We would love to give you our idea of the month for June on fairy gardening.  Don't forget to take a look at the fairy garden in Kid's village directly behind the craft house in our raised wooden planter.

Have a fun filled, safe, an exciting summer of outdoor fun!

Renee Ebert and all of your friends at Ebert's

Fairy Garden Ideas

Fairy gardening with kid's can be easy!  Start small and get creative with your container.  Something lying around the house can be the most fun fairy garden home!  Ideas are...old kettles or teapots, baskets, small wagons, or even  the back part of a toy dump truck would work for boy who wanted to plant  a gnome garden!  With a smaller fairy or gnome garden, sometimes all you will need are one or two plants.  Corsica mint smells good and is low growing.  A cute colorful pansy could look like a bright "tree on a beach!" Succulents add so much variety and are easy to grow.  A sensitive plant is a favorite as you touch the fern like leaves and watch them close up like magic!  After you either create your own fairy or gnome, or buy one, you can add them and look at home for fun items to accent!  Use sand, shells, pebbles, bark, pinecones or anything else that would work or fit the theme of your garden! These items can be pathways, beaches, a bark bridge, or painted pinecones to make evergreen trees. Sometimes a look through a "junk drawer" is where the best items are found!  Have a great time caring for your garden and sharing your garden ideas with your friends!

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