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Buddy ready for school!

Buddy ready for school!

Kid's Korner

Happy April! Kid's Village is open!

The month of April rain sure brought for "May flowers" just in time for Mother's Day!

Our next kid's happening in Kid's Village is one that touches our hearts...our annual "Cutest Containers for Mom, "event which will be held on Mother's Day Weekend the 13th and 14th of May from 11 am-3 pm!  Containers of all sizes will be available for decorating and planting with a wide variety of beautiful colors and a chance to write a special plant tag message to mom or grandma to tuck inside.  We are also still collecting "T.J. the Cat" spring coloring contest sheets through June 5th for a chance to plant an Ebert's wagon with a theme of your choice!  Check our other weekend events on our events link as well!  We delight in seeing your smiling faces and having fun planting, playing, and creating!

Before closing, we want to extend a very special thank you to all the second, third, and fourth graders who took the time to create the heartfelt poems and essays in our Earth Day writing challenge.  Congratulations again to all our winners!  You are the leaders of our future and gateway to keeping our country beautiful!

Our spring project idea for this month "rocks!" Buddy liked seeing the desk planted by our schoolhouse in Kid's Village and thought some rocks could add color to the area too!  If you want to, bring in an extra rock that you create and we will display it at Ebert's in our kid's garden area!

Here are some thoughts on what you can do....

1.  Pick out some rocks to paint in various sizes and shapes- but look for smooth ones to write messages on.

2.  Paint your rocks in solid colors or paint designs on them with small bristled brushes.  Acrylic craft paints work great and have lots of cool color options!  To add more details or designs, once the paint is completely dry, use sharpie markers.

3.  You could write a special message to mom.  "I love U mom" with love being a heart, could be put on four separate rocks or on one.  You could say "My Mom Rocks," or even paint her a caterpillar by using several rocks for different segments of the caterpillar and then making a  face on the front one.  A lady bug could be easily decorated as well!  These could be your "love bugs" to mom and she could put them outside in her favorite garden spot! 

4.  When your rocks are finished, add a clear coat of acrylic spray paint to preserve your garden rocks!  Have fun!

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