Copper & Todd Ebert

Phone: (920)261-5645

Copper & Todd Ebert

Greeters/Mouse Patrol

Meet Copper and Todd, a pair of irresistibly charming kittens who have become the heartwarming center of our store and a source of boundless joy for all who cross their path.

Their journey began on a chilly day near the Village when Copper and Todd were discovered, cold and hungry, wandering along the road. With open hearts, we provided them with nourishment and a safe haven for the night. Copper, the extroverted of the two, immediately embraced their newfound shelter, while Todd, initially more reserved, soon found solace in our care.

Together, these inseparable companions engage in delightful play sessions, including lively wrestling matches, spirited leaf chasing, and their adorable attempts at unraveling shoelaces. When not engaged in play, you'll often find them nestled in cozy corners, basking in the warmth of their chosen spots.


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