Mike Timm

Herbs/Vegetables Manager

As head horticulturist, it wasn’t by chance that Mike became known as “The Plant Man.” When it comes to identifying plants, pests, and diseases, it’s been said that if he doesn’t know it…well, that really doesn’t happen. Even when he's stumped on something, he enjoys researching the answer. He has a strong passion for plants and says, "God's creation has always astounded me, especially plants!"

He has been with Ebert’s for more than 20 years. He specializes in just about everything: perennials, roses, herbs, vegetables, water plants, trees and shrubs, and retail chemicals. His niche is herbs and vegetables. Specifically, he is a self-proclaimed super hot pepper fanatic and trials dozens of varieties at Ebert’s and in his own garden. If you’d like to be part of the “hotness,” join the Ebertschiliheads Facebook group and you’ll be able to keep up to date on what’s hot and receive free plants in spring. He can be found in the Village just about any day during the busy season.

In his free time, Mike enjoys vegetable gardening, cooking, canning, and pickling a variety of veggies. He can be reached at mtimm@ebertsgreenhouse.com


B.S. in Forestry and Resource Management, UW-Stevens Point (minor: Business)