Robin White

Robin White

Perennial Specialist

Robin loves growing plants and flowers, has an artful eye for creating mosaics from recycled materials, and a talent for putting together beautiful flower arrangements.

Robin has been interested in flowers and gardening most of her life, and she really enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, being able to work outdoors and implement her creative ideas here at Ebert's! She is a leader in the perennial department and stays very busy planting and displaying our perennials, watering, and grooming them throughout the season. She also enjoys answering our guests questions and providing guidance for their landscaping needs.

When asked what her favorite flowers and plants are, her response is, "I like them all!" But if she had to narrow it down a bit, she likes maple trees for their fall color and syrup, evergreens for winter cover for songbirds, and serviceberry for its beautiful spring flowers along with the berries and vibrant color in the fall. Among her perennial favorites are peonies, delphinium, daisies, phlox and coneflowers - mainly for cut flower arrangements and coral bells to attract hummingbirds to her garden.

Her leisure time is spent fishing, swimming, going on long walks in the woods, diving into a good book and working on various creative projects. Naturally, working in her garden is at the top of the list!

Robin resides in Watertown with her husband Wes, and has 2 adult sons.


Horticulture and landscaping

Flower arranging