Meetings, planning, organizing notes, figuring all the financial quotes.

Plugging, watering, fertilization - all for beauty without hesitation.

Hauling, unloading, back and forth again. Another semi is bringing soil...The big question is - When?

Wiring, plucking, pricing, placing;

Each and every task fully embracing!

Phone calls, emails, orders to be placed; You know were almost open when the tables are neatly spaced.

Late hours spraying, inspecting for plant critters.....Cleaning bathrooms, and Todd and Coppers’ litters.

Heavy items to be moved... we know the perfect pair- Clint and Evan are around, and in no time to spare.

Morning coffee to make, more phone calls to take....What would we ever do? We are so blessed, so very blessed to have help with these tasks too.

Merchandizing and displaying-What should we put over here? But once more room in annuals? Oh dear!

Heaters breaking-no mistaking, there’s always something to fix. Never a dull moment- What else can we throw in the mix?

Hey you got a copy? Go to channel two- wait try again... that copy was for who?

No matter how crazy a day may be, there is something that is for sure. Without each and every one of you, Ebert’s could not occur.

Plain and simple, we couldn't exist if it wasn’t for this team. No matter if you’ve been here for a long time or short- I’m sure you know what I mean!

So so many, many, things, and then SO many more...One thing that is very for sure... Ebert’s is never a bore!

So MANY thanks, and a thousand thanks more for every thing you do. Ebert’s absolutely COULD NOT be, without God’s guidance and ALL of you!!!