I’ve always loved spring at Ebert’s. For us, spring starts before the calendar says it does. It starts when the greenhouses are heated, the first pots are filled with dirt, and the first baby plants are taken out of their boxes. It’s not quite euphoria, but close. Granted, there is still snow on the ground and the icicles hanging from the eves point us back to a calendar that says don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Even the state groundhog indicated that there are still six more weeks of winter left. However, spring is about to start in our little corner of Ixonia.

It was a good winter with so much progress made on various projects. First, all the benches were sanded and stained a deep maroon color. Second, there were many tons of soil that had to be moved into greenhouses. It came in frozen and needed to be thawed out before we could start production. The pallets of 3.8 cubic foot bags of High Porosity Chunk Coir had to be unstacked and the bags lined up with a fan blowing between them. It's amazing how much insulation the growing medium provides and how long the ice in the center of the bag takes to thaw out. Third, we’ve been busy bouncing names around for various buildings and have come up with some gems. We’ll reveal those to you at some point in the near future. Fourth, all the tags had to be sorted and arranged logically so we can quickly match the proper tag with the correct plant when we start planting. Finally, the bathrooms are getting a complete, decorative makeover. You’ll be amazed at the transformation when you see it.

Have a fabulous day!