Our first week of production is officially in the books and what an exciting week it was! 

On Wednesday, the geranium plugs for our combination hanging baskets came in. Creating the environment needed for the baskets to thrive is a delicate process that we’ve refined over the years through trial and error. If the right balance isn’t met, the geraniums will shade out the filler plants or the filler plants will outgrow the geraniums. All the geranium baskets are the first things to get planted. That allows the plants time to get established for a couple of weeks. Once that happens, then the geraniums are stripped of their leaves and the filler plants are added. After that, the ongoing process of trimming vines, branches, and flowers is ongoing. It sounds cliché, but it is as much art as science.

We also received shipments of Senecio Angel Wings and Rex Begonia plugs. These were planted in six-inch pots and watered in. This isn’t particularly exciting news; however, they are wonderful plants to have in gardens or containers. The Angel Wings have large, flat, grayish-silver leaves and thrive in dry conditions. They do best in full sun but tolerate some shade. Rex Begonias are loved for the variety of sizes, colors, and textures that their foliage comes in. They do best in partial shade and make excellent house plants.

Have a fabulous day!