It is going to be an exciting 2020!

I woke up at about 5:45 am on February 6th and practically bounced out of bed I was so excited. It was the first day of production 2020. It’s a day when the half-ton bags of planting medium are hoisted up and dropped into the hopper where a conveyor feeds it through a chute and deposits it into whatever container we happen to be running that particular day. On this particular day day it was 12” hanging baskets. Once the container is full, another conveyor moves it through a sweep and into a water tunnel. The water tunnel adds just enough water to make the small plant “plugs” stick and not have root shock from hitting dry soil. The containers are then loaded onto carts and transported to the tables where they will await planting later in the day. There is a hard-to-describe feeling of putting your finders in the “dirt” for the first time that year. Some might call it a spiritual moment and others just magical. For me it means that though the snow continues to pile up outside, spring has arrived once more at Ebert’s Greenhouse Village.